Hello, I’ve been in fellowship with several members of Grace Protestant Reformed Church [Standale, MI]. Their prison ministry, led by Rev. Ron VanOverloop, has been a blessing to the church incarcerated. And part of their ministry includes receiving the Standard Bearer. I’d like to respond to an article in the most recent issue (March 15, 2019, vol. 95, no. 12) titled “How Could Any Protestant Go Home to Rome?” written by Prof. Barrett Gritters.

I am so glad that someone has written about the ECT movement, and to give the church warning of this un­godly and unholy movement. There is a program in the prison system that…is called Keryx. Twice a year sev­eral so-called Protestant churches, Seventh-Day Adven­tists, and the Roman Catholic Church join hands to put on a “Keryx weekend.” About forty men are chosen as candidates that are assigned to Keryx members, where they spend three and a half days being introduced to the false gospel. The men are lured by an abundance of spe­cial foods and snacks. At the end of the weekend, each man receives a beaded cross with an image of a man on it and pledges to be in unity with their Keryx broth­ers, to believe and love Jesus, and live a moral life. No one is encouraged to leave his religion. So, many men are even the nation of Islam, Catholic, Seventh Day, etc. But, as you pointed out, the reason people of the ECT [like those of Keryx] have unity is that they all share in preaching and believing the false gospel, that salvation is by the works of the law and not by grace through Jesus Christ alone. The Lord has moved me for many years to preach against this movement and to warn the church to “come out from among them and be ye sepa­rate,” saith the Lord. So, thank you for the work that you all do on behalf of the church that you love.

May God bless your work in Jesus Christ’s name!

John Collins

Northern Michigan