Doon PRC

This is the Protestant Reformed Church of Doon, Iowa. The village of Doon is tucked in the northwest corner of the state, 20 miles from the South Dakota border on the west, and 20 miles from that of Minnesota on the north. The church was organized with eleven families in 1926, and today numbers some 26 families comprising 121 souls. Doon and Hull, their neighbor 10 miles distant, maintain a Prot. Ref. School Society and hope to have their own Christian Grammar School soon, to be built on property already purchased in Doon. In another joint venture, with Edgerton and Hull, Doon is active in The Reformed Action Society which publishes and mails The Reformed Witness Pamphlet to the extent of 3,000 a month. The highlight of this year for the congregation of Doon is the 1966 Synod which is scheduled to meet in their church. The Consistory and Catering Committee are busy (excitedly) making plans for this event, and are quite confident that the bare trees in the picture will have leafed out, and the snow will have melted away, so that the delegates to Synod may expect a warm welcome in June.