During the summer of 1973, our congregation decided to buy four choice lots in Doon on which to build a new church. This decision was made because our present building is in need of extensive repair and because we have grown in numbers to such an extent that an addition to the old building was needed. Rather than put new wine in an old bottle or a new patch on an old piece of cloth we decided to buy this property and to look into the possibility of building a new edifice.

At the beginning the financial burden this would place on our small congregation seemed insurmountable. How would our thirty-three families come up with even enough to begin such a project? One committee was appointed to study the financial problems and made recommendations and another committee to consider building plans. After hours of hard work, frustration and many disappointments, they presented their recommendations to the consistory. The consistory presented their work to the congregation for approval. The proposal was to build a one hundred thousand dollar structure if and only if the congregation would support this building program with the initial amount of forty thousand dollars in cash and pledges to be paid within six months. It passed and the support of the congregation was overwhelming. The financial committee with a week to work, visited every family and collected much more than the needed amount. The response of one of the committee members to the drive was “It was fun!” With the full support of the congregation, the contract was signed before the July 1 deadline and thus we were able to purchase material at the old price.

In August the basement was dug and the basement walls were laid. In September the floor joists and subfloor were added. It was, however, in October that the work began in earnest. The sound of hammers, heard half way across Doon, and the snarling table saw were music to the ears of our congregation anxious to see the building progress. Within three weeks, the rough in work was nearly completed. The walls first, then the rafters, roof boards, shingles, trim, windows, and stairs to the basement.

We hope to occupy the new building by the first Sunday in March. This day has been designated by the 1974 Synod as the day all our churches should set aside for our fiftieth anniversary.

As this house of worship nears completion we remind ourselves that “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” It is our earnest prayer that the Lord will continue to bless us in this work and use it to the glorifying of His holy name.

John Kalsbeek, Jr.