I suppose it is almost expected of anyone who writes on current events that he write about the war or matters relating to it. At the same time it must be apparent that it is extremely difficult to write about something that is subject to sudden change as is this present conflict. That is especially difficult when one must write weeks in advance.

There is, however, one thing that we might comment on and that is the much-talked-about necessity of a second front. It seems as though the Russian army is in a worse condition than the general public has been led to believe by newspaper reports. There are many who are of the opinion that Russia can keep on fighting indefinitely but recent reports from Moscow plainly state that this is not the case. Due to the destruction of the war Russia faces starvation in the coming winter. Its grain fields have been burned, many of its coal mines have been destroyed, while most of its great industries have been crippled. Moreover Russia is not receiving any vast amount of war materials from the U.S. and Britain. In the light of these facts it is very well possible that Russia will be forced to make a separate peace with the Axis. The only way to relieve the Russians is to begin a second front somewhere in Europe, thereby forcing Hitler to move many of his troops. It seems also to be highly urgent that such a second front be established very soon before Russia has become too weak to continue.

Perhaps by the time this article appears in print such a front will have become a reality.

Of course we all understand what this would mean. A second front can be established only at a tremendous cost of human lives. Not only does that mean that all our young men, for many of whom the war thus far has simply meant a period of training, will be called into action but there will also be many more called, first the younger ones and then possibly even those who have families.

Even now the Allies have started an offensive in the Pacific. And it is possible that the Allies will choose to make this a second front. It is still a question just where the great offensive will be launched but that it must come is inevitable. There can be no doubt but what we face very serious times and we may prepare ourselves to hear much “bad news”.

What a comfort it is for the Christian to know that all these things are under the control of our heavenly Father and that not a hair can fall from our head without His will. In that comfort we are also assured that He causes all things to work together for our good. May God give us grace that we may look unto Him by faith in Jesus Christ; that our young men may be strong in the Lord and that our parents may cast all their burdens on Him and that we as His children may have our expectation of Him alone.

For some time there has been much talk on the part of many so-called religious leaders about amalgamating the various religions into one national church, or even a world church. It stands to reason that as Protestant Reformed people we have no sympathy with such a movement but would, if necessary, feel constrained to oppose it with all our might. Apart from the fact that it would undoubtedly be a thoroughly modern church in which man would be glorified, it would in any case be impossible for us to take such a step.

But that we may someday have to face such an issue does not at all lie in the realm of the impossible or even the improbable. It seems to be entirely in harmony with the plans of the Antichrist to have such a church. It could be very useful to him especially with a view to his work of deception and persecution. In the light of such a church he could make it look very foolish and unnecessary to maintain a separate church organization and with the power of the government on his side he could make it well-nigh impossible to do so.

The movement at present is very weak but who knows how rapidly it may gain impetus in the post-war period? Let us be on our guard constantly that we be not deceived by the power of darkness.

Considered from a human point of view, it is too bad that the Church in the world is always regarded in the light of the modern church and its leaders. It is no wonder that the Church is evil-spoken of and is mocked as powerless and a big failure. More than once we have come across an article that dealt with the church as a great failure because of its inability to give its members anything stable to which they may hold. And no doubt that is correct. The modern church is as a church nothing but a failure. It has cast aside the only Hope, it denies the only power, it is without any true comfort and it misses the only purpose of all things.

Too bad that also the true Church must bear that scorn.

For as people of God we know that that is not true. It is true that the church has of itself nothing to give its members but it is also true that through His Church our Lord Jesus Christ give them all things. We know that it is not vain to serve God. We know that it is the only thing that gives us any comfort and hope.

Of course the world does not understand this. It classifies all churches alike and so we must suffer that reproach.

But may it never be true in respect to us!