The undersigned is very happy with the “Apology” of Rev. M. Schipper in the February 1 issue of The Standard Bearer for the use of the term “playing church,” and he accepts it also, and wishes to assure his colleague that the frank apology warmed the cockles of his heart .

This does not mean, however, that I am wholly in agreement with all that the Rev. Schipper writes after he made the apology.

I could have appreciated it, if the Rev. M. Schipper had also apologized for writing about a matter on which, evidently, he had not been called upon in any way from the Consistory of Creston to give his advice or “convictions.”

What my colleague writes in the last paragraph are words of gold: Creston will solve her own problems!

Would it not display poor taste on my part, Rev. Schipper, should I, probably solicited by some individual, yet having no request from the Consistory of Second Church reflect upon the life and constituency of Second Church?

Me thinks, it would.

I believe that I should give myself and Rev. Schipper the sound advice to hold ourselves to that sentence, above quoted, which is as golden apples on a silver bowl, lest we both become guilty of making the rubric “All About Us” the occasion of meddling with matters not lying within the scope of the jurisdiction of co-editors of a Theological Journal, and lest we both fall into the sin of being busy-bodies.

Hence, I will not reflect on what Rev. Schipper calls “things objectively and factually.” That would (not: “will”) have to wait until the Lord Himself places this matter before us in the proper channels, (not by a “voice” from heaven”) and places the duty upon our shoulders to judge of this matter. Then we shall do it in good conscience and in His Name!

For the rest I believe that all concerned will agree that Creston and Rev. Schipper and the undersigned should enjoy living quietly in the land, keeping peace with all men, where possible.

The latter, indeed, is a boon from the Lord.


After the Rev. Schipper has replied to the above, if he desires to answer, the discussion will be closed.