Covenant Chrisitian School

In the Spring of 1977, a group of believers of Protestant Reformed persuasion came together to discuss the possibility of beginning a distinctively Reformed, Christian school in the Lynden, Washington area. The need for such a school here was outstanding in the mind of most of our Protestant Reformed parents and they openly expressed that need to the elders of the church during family visitation that year. One of the fruits of that visitation of the homes in the flock that year was the consistory’s giving initial leadership by calling that first meeting. Thus was begun the activity which resulted in the formation of the Society for Protestant Reformed. Education in Lynden, which is responsible for the operation of our school here: Covenant Christian School. 

From the start, the Lord has richly prospered this work with zeal and enthusiasm on the part of the membership, in heart and spirit, in cheerful giving, and in willingness of hands to the work! We as board and society rejoice through thanksgiving in all that God has done to bring us this great gift for this covenant seed, also those gifts that came to us through your hands, dear reader, when you encouraged us in our calling by your gifts in the congregations, from coast to coast. 

Soon a building was found, purchased and renovated. The old “Grange Hall” on Northwood Road, eyesore that it was, now appears as shown above. In the lower level, there is provision for three classrooms, a kitchen, and the utilities room. The upper level contains two large restrooms, three storage areas for books and athletic equipment, and the gymnasium. 

Outside, behind the parking area, we have the playground: swings, bars, tetherballs, etc. as well as softball diamond, complete with a new backstop. Going further to rear of the property is a small wooded “park” of about two acres, which includes many towering cedars. 

What a wonderful, busy year that was for our people, doing much of the work “volunteer,” but when September came last fall, we were able to open our doors for the first year of instruction. Mr. Kuiper and Miss Lubbers came from Michigan to instruct our children in the fear of the Lord and now the first year is already past. On May 30 we were inspired to witness the first graduating class and to hear them addressed by Rev. Kuiper from their class text: “Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life.”Proverbs 4:13. Earlier this spring our society took the decision to add the kindergarten and the ninth grades to the school, and we are now seeking a third teacher to help in that work. We pray that the Lord will provide someone to come and share these labors with us, because the school grows from within and without, and at present we expect 45 students in September. 

It was a busy year and a good year. Glory be to the Lord! 

Covenant Christian School 

John Tolsma 

P.S. We .are happy to report that the Lord has answered our prayers with respect to our teacher needs by sending Mr. David Zandstra as our third teacher beginning this fall. May God bless him as he begins his labors with us this fall.