Rev. A. Cammenga,

Dear Brother,

Your interesting article in reply to my “A Tendency To Individualism” I read. I say “interesting” exactly because your article strongly corroborates my main contention.

I do not know as yet whether I should go into a rebuttal. Perhaps it is not necessary, since I think that I stated my objections rather clearly. But for my information I would like to have an answer to a few questions.

  1. Where is that quotation from Calvin to be found? I would like to check up on it.
  2. Will you please publish the letter I wrote to you in August last in full? I would like to have our readers be in a position to check up on that letter.
  3. What exactly do you mean in this connection by the statement: “We must not always lean on one and the same staff, neither look in just one direction?”

With brotherly regards,

H. Hoeksema