Dear editor:

I wish to show you where I feel your interpretation of Matt. 19:9 is hardly in harmony with that which the Lord seems to imply.

For the Lord states that there is an exception to prohibition to leave one’s wife, and to marry another. The exception is fornication.

The text, therefore, it seems to me, could be read this way: “Whosoever shall put away his wife for fornication, and marry another, does not commit adultery.” Now, your illustration does not include this exception as applied to the wife, whose husband has left her, and intends to remain permanently in this state of adultery. Therefore, the implication of the Lord’s teaching in Matt. 19:9 methinks would apply the exception of fornication to the wife as well as to the husband, and she would be free to marry again.

A reader of the Standard Bearer,

Anthony Langerak