A motive is that within the individual which incites him to action. (Webster Dictionary).

Therefore any act ion of any individual has its origin in an idea translated into a motive and transported into action.

If a man is of a pure mind his motives as well as his actions will be pure, and, contrary; if a man is impure in mind, his motives, and actions will be impure.

If an individual is religious, naturally his motives and actions will have a religious contour.

If a human being is financial minded; his thoughts, ideas, motives and activities will be centered in monetary.

If a man loves God, he will love his neighbor, and his motives, and actions do express love, excluding self-love.

If a chaplain carries his soldiers upon his heart, he will teach and preach to them in canteen, in the field when marching, at the soldiers’ bunk, in the dining room, not always in words, yet always in deed and activities, and with his hand upon the sword, will speak or work to and for them when engaged in actual warfare, for his motives will express themselves in such pastoral activities.

If a soldier is patriotic in a Scriptural sense;—and the most are without knowing it—; his weapons will function as expressions of true motives producing sound battle activities.

All of these motives are pertaining to the individual.

Although how sweet, pure and loveable the motives of any individual may appear and be; yet, notwithstanding, they are objects to the total depravity of mankind.

Yet, after all, and in fact there are but two kinds of motives. The one is heavenly, springing from the fountain of everlasting life, as founded in the Throne of God. The other is from below, darting from the well of evil, founded in everlasting death coming from Lucifer, king of death and despairing darkness.

These two motives represent the everlasting life and everlasting death, being the parents of all other motives coursing boundless through human life.

Every individual is endowed with ideas and thoughts, etc. representing motives and activities.

But, behold the change. . . . Mark the uncontrollable tendencies openly and secretly developing in our National Political Economy, which darken the heavens horizon of our erstwhile glorious individuality, which shone so brilliantly and alluringly in the bright heavens of our all illuminating Christianity.

See perishing individuality melting and dissolving into the horrid, wicked, chaotic atmosphere of a God-dethroning collectivism. This collectivism is the original doctrine of Karl Marx, clarified by Nietzsche.

And behold and tremble, for the entire world of our day, inclusive of glorious America, is bending over to a super-government headed and controlled by a Superman, casting away God bestowed nationalism, and falling into the putrid abyss of International Political Economy, in which splendid, manly Individualism with its golden vehicles of motives and actions must perish.

Jacob H. Hoekstra