Dear Editor-in-Chief:

On the very surface, your outline of the proposed change of the Standard Bearer is better than we have now.

However, I think that we should add one more department, that is, if we will not get a Church paper. And the proposed addition is a department for the news of our churches. There is a lack now. With news, I refer to trios, calls, and other pertinent items about the life of our churches.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. G. Vos.

Note: Thanks Rev. Vos for your suggestion. I suppose that if the proposed plan meets with general favor, the details would have to be arranged at a meeting of the editors and associates, or as many as can be present at such a meeting, perhaps at the time of our next Synod. Besides the Rev. Vos who informed us of his willingness to co-operate, we heard so far from the brethren Revs. Cammenga, Hanko, Kok and H. Veldman, all in favor.

Let us hear from the rest, please.