This is not to run ahead of our Mission Board, dear reader, this is to discuss what we should do, now that our missionary, Rev. B. Kok, has accepted the call to Hudsonville, Michigan.

God has blessed the labors of our missionary. Wherever he worked he was faithful in proclaiming the Word of God. Two flourishing congregations have been added to our churches.

Must we call another missionary? Must we have a stronger radio station? Must we have a nationwide hook-up? Must we spread more literature?

God has given us a high calling in this good land which He has given us. We are living in dark days, not so much that we are at war, but that in this great country of ours, there are so few or no denominations left who preach the Word pure and whose discipline is kept. You can travel through large cities where there is not a church left that you can call a church.

We have a great calling everywhere in the American church-world. Also in the church which has thrown us out we have fields in which we have never worked. We have not sent any one into the East where there are many congregations.

We had the privilege of being present at a session of our school. What a glorious truth we have! Six young men are receiving instruction. They will be ready for the ministry soon. Have we place for them? When we look with our natural eye we say, “It looks dark.” Jesus said, “The fields are white with harvest, but the laborers are few.” We almost have to say, “The laborers are too many.”

We have to get busy. “We must sacrifice,” says Roosevelt.

We as Protestant Reformed people must also do this for our Mission cause.

Although it looks dark we must not loose courage. It always looks dark for our natural eye. Rev. Hoeksema once said in a lecture, “All things on this earth is a catastrophe.” Because our God’s ways are higher than our ways, it goes from death to life here, also with His church. Our God gives us the privilege that we as churches may maintain the truth. If this is true, then, dear reader, Oh, let us look around us through this land of ours. It is up to us then that this church which is bought with Christ’s blood shall not perish from the earth. We need more mission zeal, more prayer, more gifts and more sacrifice.

Do we remember yet that our first Mission Report talks about the use of tents for meetings, etc.? No, brethren, this is put down here for your prayerful consideration.

Our Fuller Ave. congregation which has sacrificed much, but is always especially blest by our God, must sacrifice again. We must ask this congregation and also our school, to give Rev. Hoeksema leave of absence for one year, and let him go out where God leads him, and at the end of that year call a missionary again to continue the work.

God said to Paul, “I have much people in this city.” So it is here.

Radio programs and all the effort we have put forth is fine. But we must not stop having a preacher in the field. God works through His Word and Spirit. But how shall they hear without a preacher? It means sacrifice for that congregation. It means sacrifice for the school and it means a sacrifice for the preacher, but,

There is no gain but by a loss,

You cannot save but by a cross,

The corn of wheat to multiply,

Must fall into the ground and die.

Wherever you ripe fields behold,

Waving to God their sheaves of gold,

Be sure some corn of wheat has died,

Some soul has there been crucified.

Someone has wrestled, wept and prayed,

And fought hell’s legions undismayed.