Creston is one of the churches in our Protestant Reformed group that neither receives nor gives much publicity. Although we are a little star in the church firmament, we still remain a light amidst a crooked and perverse generation. Being small in number (for we count only about twenty-five families) and young in years as yet, nevertheless we are making history.

So it was, that on July 28, 1941, our pastor, the Rev. H. Veldman, made known that he had received a call from the Protestant Reformed Church of Kalamazoo, which he, after prayerful consideration, accepted. On September 21 of that year he preached his farewell sermon, and thus the tie between pastor and congregation was severed. Before the Rev. Veldman left us the consistory made a trio, from which Rev. P. De Boer of Holland, Michigan was elected by the congregation. After the disturbance created by the leaving of our pastor, we were disappointed by the fact that Rev. P. De Boer could not accept the call extended to him. But we were not discouraged, and soon another trio was made, from which Rev. J. De Jong of Hudsonville, Michigan was chosen. With anxiety of heart we awaited the outcome. At the appointed time the good tidings were received: “I will come over and help you.” It is unnecessary to say what our reaction was, for what is a flock without a shepherd? So our vacancy was not of extended duration.

On December 19 our new pastor was installed by our counsellor, the Rev. H. Hoeksema, assisted by Rev. P. De Boer of Holland. Rev. Hoeksema preached from II Tim. 3:1-5; Rev. De Boer read the Form of Installation. The next Sabbath our pastor preached his inaugural sermons, in the morning from II Cor. 4:5-7 and in the evening from Eph. 6:18-19.

On Old Year’s Day, just preceding a severe snow storm, our pastor and family moved into the parsonage which the congregation had purchased a few weeks previously. Up to this time the congregation had rented a house for its pastor.

On the evening of January 15th the congregation came together to welcome and get acquainted with the pastor and his family. A program was given, a good lunch was served by the ladies, and we all returned home with gladness of heart and thanks to our God who had made all things well.

We hereby wish to extend a word of thanks to our counsellor, Rev. H. Hoeksema, and all those who helped us in word or deed during our vacancy.

May the Lord our God watch over us to the end that His name may be glorified in the history which we are making as a church.

The Consistory