Dear Editor:

Permit me to make a few remarks in The Standard Bearer about our Society for Protestant Reformed Education in Grand Rapids, in order that this cause may be in the mind of all for good.

The society has made progress again. The school board was instructed to look for possible building sites and come with proposed building plans and costs to the society. You will remember that about 180 children were pledged to be sent to our school, and for this number of children we would need at least a seven room school, which would cost approximately thirty-four thousand dollars. There was an old Y.W.C.A. property available on Eastern Ave. north of Wealthy St., at a cost of $8,500 dollars, but after due inspection this was deemed unsuitable for our purpose. The society then directed the board to purchase a site located on Adams St., between Kalamazoo Ave. and Fuller Ave. The price of this site is $4,000 dollars. This must be paid in cash, and it was decided to raise this sum through the means of pledge cards. Let all concerned acquire one of these cards and fill it in as the Lord has prospered them.

The remark has sometimes been made that our school society meetings are mostly attended by men of forty years and older, and that of the younger men, of whom we may expect that they have children to send to school, not so many appear. But I do not consider this so very abnormal. Of course, we do like to see more of the younger generation attend our meetings and join our movement. But when we consider the history of our Protestant Reformed Churches from the beginning, we will find that all things among us are connected, and we must look at the picture as a whole. In the beginning three congregations were ejected from the Christian Reformed Church. Of these one separated itself from us again and went its own way. And there followed days of much anxiety, for we had no assurance that the Lord would provide a place for us in this world. History testifies and Scripture predicts that those that are expelled from the church in the world because they hold fast to the truth, finally have no more standing room in the world, and sometimes they disappear from the earth, as for instance, the Huguenots in France. Sometimes the devil accomplishes this by persecution, sometimes by causing internal dissension and strife. How we rejoiced, then, when we might prosper; when our Theological School might begin training young men for the ministry, and when brethren and sisters in different localities asked to be organized into local congregations in our fellowship, so that we began to see that the Lord was giving us a place in this world to stand for His cause. For His cause it is. And He has no need of any of us. Let us remember this.

In May, 1940, our churches might meet for the first time in synodical gathering, and so, after seventeen years, we might complete our denominational organization. And now, about a year and a half ago, we might organize a society for Protestant Reformed education. The question still is: shall we by the grace of God have standing room in the world as a Protestant Reformed Church? And that this question is closely connected with that of the education of our children the older people, who lived through our history, plainly see. It is this that brings especially them to our school meetings. They realize that this work must be done!

Till now the Lord has given us a place. And with it comes the privilege and calling to go on! For go on we must, would we have the assurance of a place in the future. We must go on with our Standard Bearer, we must go on too, with the cause of a Protestant Reformed education for our children. With respect to the cause of our R.F.P.A. and that of our educational program: Grammar School, High School, we must set our face like a flint. These things must be done. To us all the cause of the Protestant Reformed Churches is the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we have no other cause! In the cause of His Kingdom in the world He will use sinful and imperfect men, that have only a small beginning of the new obedience. But we are confident that the grace of God was upon us in the past, because we have the truth, and where the truth is preached there is the Church, and there is His grace and His blessing. That we have the truth the Scriptures testify; and for this we have the testimony of all the saints that have loved and adhered to the truth of God’s sovereign grace; of this the very synod that adopted the “three points” had to bear witness in spite of itself.

To go on will mean considerable expense, especially for the new school building. This we cannot build now because of war restrictions. But we can go on to provide the necessary funds. And ways and means may be worked out by the board. In the work of the Lord our heart and mind and will must be controlled by His mind and will through the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us praise Him and take courage with the prophet Jeremiah, Lam. 3:21ff: “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. It is good for man that he bear his yoke in his youth.” I conclude then, that if we all agree that the Lord is our portion, we have no other portion here below; all else is excluded. And, therefore, our way is clear: as Protestant Reformed brethren and sisters we must go on and stand together in the same mind and in the same spirit.