Esteemed Editor:

At the last meeting of the R.F.P.A. the Board decided to inform the writer of “News from our Churches” to write a little more news abort our Churches.

Now as I have said and written before: If I do not receive news, then I can’t write it, and therefore I would ask the different consistories of our Churches in and around about Grand Rapids: please send in the news, so I can place it. It is much easier for me; and some of the readers like it better.

There were a goodly number who took my last article in the Standard Bearer wrong. It seems there is a misunderstanding. As you know, in the article, I wrote on Defense and the Christian. Some were of the opinion that it was my contention that a Christian might not work on Sunday in a defense factory.

Now to remove that misunderstanding I will write in the English what I meant to explain in the Holland.

It is my conviction that a civilian not only may, but he is duty bound to work on Sunday; strict defense work in a defense factory.

We must never forget, times are abnormal. We are in the midst of a terrible war, and soon it will take thousands of our own boys. They must fight regardless. Also on Sunday. You may say, they are drafted, and as long as the government does not draft us, don’t work on Sunday. Now, let the boys do it (hey), and die with a broomstick in the hand instead of a gun. Have we forgotten those incidents of months gone by?

We must not say either, as some do, the government don’t need it all, for there is a shortage of many things.

Now, as I see it, then, it is no sin for a Christian to work on Sunday, defense work in a defense factory, and he must not wait until the government drafts him, for a civilian in time of war becomes a soldier while he works in a defense factory, and the government is responsible for it and not we.

If I am wrong, (and according to some I am) let us have a friendly discussion in our Standard Bearer. Then we get some more light on the subject.