Esteemed Editor of the Standard Bearer,

May I have a little space in your paper.

In the last Standard Bearer appears an article by Mr. Ten Elshof that occasions me to write. I take it upon the word of Mr. Ten Elshof that these things he relates in connection with the C.L.A. are facts and that is what we need in all these problems that surround us as Christians. We need principles and facts.

And this series of Mr. T. E., some of which I consider very serious, show how badly we need to discuss these problems.

Do such things belong to the essence of the C.L.A., do they follow logically from its principles, are they inevitably connected with it, are they unavoidable?

An answer to these questions would seem to determine whether it may bear the name of “Christian,” for they are serious charges.

There are thus a group of distinct questions which we should try to discuss from our Protestant Reformed principles:

  1. The Bread Question.
  2. The Strike Question.
  3. The Membership Clause Question.
  4. The Closed Shop in favor of Brethren.

And in discussing these things could we avoid as much as possible all partisanship which is after all nothing but the old mad Class Struggle. Let us avoid discrimination between rich and poor, farmer and urbanite, Labor Ass’n. and Business Ass’n., Employer and Employee, A church and B church.

Surely the time is near when we as Christians will have, in a new sense, to stand alone with God in the world.

The time is very short and we as Christians are swamped with problems in every sphere of our life and calling.

I long for bold and objective discussion with only the Word of God as our Standard.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. A. Petter