Esteemed Editor:

I have read your articles on the Christian Reformed Synod on the Labor Unions and because of the tremendous threat that unionism holds for the Christian I want to raise a question and a suggestion.

1. In your criticism it is assumed that a neutral union is impossible, and yet do we not in practice countenance the neutral farm union, businessmen’s union, professional-men’s union? Does only the laborer fall under the principle “He that is not with Me is against Me”?

Or is it after all the constitution and the conduct by which we must judge an organization.

If this latter is the case then the question arises; “Must our Protestant Reformed Synod (or Classis, as our case was in the past) express itself on general principles only, or must it give its judgment concerning definite organizations mentioned by name, regardless whether a concrete case has come up from a lower body?”

I believe this matter could profitably be looked at a little more expressly in The Standard Bearer.

Your brother in Christ,

A. Petter.

Note: My answer to the question of Rev. Petter will appear later, probably in the course of the discussion of the decision of the Christian Reformed Synod in re this matter.

H. H.