Esteemed Editor:

May I have just a bit of space to answer the questions raised by Mr. Gritter in regard to my former contribution?

In the first place it appears that Mr. Gritter does not know that the following words, among many others, are also synonyms for adversary and opponent: adverse party, opposition, disputant and contestant. I have quoted from what is generally accepted as an authority, namely, Roget’s Thesaurus. Can it be possible that he has never heard of a debate wherein one party addresses the other as “my opponent”?

His second question stems from his failure to follow through and make an application of those virtues which we all are obliged to possess. If he does so, there should be no question in his mind but that he who possesses that faith has no need or desire to trust in the arm of flesh whether that is represented by an individual or an organization of a group of individuals banded together for one purpose.

Lastly, “sharper than any two-edged sword” should have suggested to him that well-known passage of Scripture and in the sense in which I use it simply means that his opponent will not propose to sway him with the sophistry of the world, the reasonings or logic of a sinful heart or the philosophies of great men but rather will base his thought and logic on that Word which is sharper than any two-edged sword.

I trust that he will excuse my lack of clarity and that neither he or anyone else was offended by my Arcadian illustrations.

Respectfully, G. T. E.