Dear Editor:

I would like to add my approval and support to your editorial on, “A CLOSED SHOP WITH A LOOPHOLE”, however, we are wasting time and energy trying to convert the Christian Labor Association to a Christian Labor Association. But to strengthen and fortify those of like faith, it is well that such things be published.

Consider the C. L. A. as it is established and lead by its leadership. In the first place, the constitution sets forth and plainly states in its conception that its AIM is to ORGANIZE WORKERS—that its PURPOSE is to ESTABLISH JUSTICE in the sphere of labor and industry—that it PROMOTES the MATERIAL INTEREST of workers through practical application of Christian principles in collective bargaining AND OTHER means of MUTUAL AID or PROTECTION.

Analyze the above conception and there you already have all the answers. The C. L. A. must out of necessity be the authority on Christian principles— must be the authority to judge—must be its own protectorate—must be its own mediator and savior, with the job as set forth to “ORGANIZE WORKERS”. And how must they do it? Through the democracy process of membership assembly.

The Communists have the same purpose and life view. But to say the C. L. A. is a Communist organization would be very funny and would intimidate their wrath terribly, but that the C. L. A. has the same idealology and is upon the selfsame road as to the Communist is most assuredly the unadulterated truth.

Read the March issue of the C. L. A. herald which contained the material for your editorial, and you will also find therein the Oral Statement made at a hearing before the Senate Committee of our government, wherein the C. L. A. propagates for DEMOCRACY rights of government as do all the others of like color, the C. I. O., the A. F. of L. and other pressure power drunken groups.

Now what is a DEMOCRACY? It is the right of government by the people. In other words the C. L. A. too wants a democracy wherein they have the liberties of government to establish justice in the economics of both, labor and industry, through the membership process of self-imposed authority. That is Communism rights. And that is what every labor union wants, every monopoly, every cartel, and even such organizations as the Tri State Onion Set Exchange wants also. The rights to control their ends of organized enterprise, or social realm, by democracy government wherein the majority rules without the need of recognizing any higher being or law.

This democracy is pure Communism, for it destroys by its own existence and functions the authority of our republican government. For our citizenship is already bound together through a government responsibility that is a REPUBLIC, wherein we as a people, have voluntarily pledged ourselves, to mutual aid and protection with justice toward all, through the process of DEMOCRATIC government by a FREE people.

Let us look farther, yet closer to the things more dear to us. Why is it that when the C. L. A. leadership had the chance of its life to establish the evils in the worldly neutral unions, having its own secretary on a church committee with the instituted authority to draft Christian Conscience legislation on the matter, that then he could, by the Scriptures, prove that Neutral Union Membership is Compatible with Church Membership? And then appear before the Senate Committee Government of our land and uphold before them the SACRED RIGHTS and HOLY CONVICTIONS of the Christian religion, and say that, and many are they, who CANNOT JOIN many labor unions because of CONSCIENCE SAKE. Yes, Mr. Editor, it is the same man in leadership that when before Church authority can prove with the Scriptures compatibility to them, and when before government authority upholds that for conscience sake many cannot join them. You figure it out—I can’t.

Such an unholy disregard for authority is a mockery. Think it over again. The C. L. A. had within its own hands the occasion to establish authority on the entire matter and hence be an authority thereby, representing the Christian Conscience with the BACKING of the Church institute itself in the field of economics and labor, then uses the Christian religion Scriptures to prove compatibility to the godless neutral unions; then, when the occasion arises to appear before government authority, uses the self-same Christian religion and Christian conscience, to attempt his victory, by declaring that for CHRISTIAN CONSCIENCE SAKE MANY CANNOT JOIN MANY OF THE LABOR UNIONS.

Whom does such a leadership represent? Does it represent the Christian Conscience? It cannot. Does it represent free men? How can it? It only represents the C. L. A. and uses any kind of argument to gain its end, “TO ORGANIZE WORKERS”, for its own honor and glory.

Thus the C. L. A. is its own democracy, with its own authority of government, for its own self-willed purpose and end.

There are no other answers or conclusions to such delusions; the C. L. A. is its own judge, its own police, its own savior and mediator of labor and industrial injustices and recognizes no other authority but its own. This same hell-raising licentiousness rules the C. I. O., the A. F. of L., the monopoly, the cartel, and many exchanges of control, all working out through democracy organization the destruction of our republic for their own selfish and righteous advantages. No government of a land can stand when her people become a law by themselves and for themselves, without a supreme dictatorship ruling them with its firing squads.

The closed shop—restraint of trade—boycott of activity—strikes—absolute control of prices—and many other elements of forceful organization democracy laws whereby they rule supreme, by themselves, and for themselves, has turned a peace-loving people into a virtual hell of their own making, and woe unto these men who carry with them the mark of such allegiance, for of such is NOT the Kingdom of Heaven but the road to hell, wherein contempt, hatred, envy and selfishness leads to its eternal end. For what men do in their labors, they do unto the CHRIST.

Frank Rottier,

Lansing Illinois