Dear Editor:

A little space in your paper, please?

“Rev. Howerzyl votes in favor of the Declaration” (?—H.V.P.)

That was a beautiful article, from the pen of Rev. Howerzyl, in re, “The Radio Preaching in the midst of the field of the Arminian Faith; and the results: as he expresses it in the article in the Standard Bearer of March 15, last.

That is just what we as churches were in need of; and this article, (if anything) should prove to all those who voted against the Declaration, that they have sorely erred, although they meant well when they did so.

To maintain that we do not need the declaration is one thing; but to prove that we as churches should not adopt it, is quite a different matter. Up to the present date, such proof is still lacking, and sorely so.

The article in the Standard Bearer proves: that we as churches must maintain our distinctiveness of doctrine, and that only in that way can we expect a blessing from God. God’s Word is still: The power of God unto salvation, correction, rebuke, instruction, and finally to the glory of God our Savior. Then, and then only, can we expect God’s richest blessing; when this is preached in all its purity, and then only do we have comfort in life and in death: God’s promise is sure!

We, as churches, and the Liberated, do not at present belong together. We must first settle our differences ‘as to what God’s Word and the Reformed Confessions teach’, before we can agree in ‘One faith; One hope; and One baptism’. But that shall never be reached by letting down the bars of our distinctiveness and calling wherewith we are called by God.

It is only God’s Word, the truth! That is the dynamite which can convert the man’s heart from his sinful sentimental notions of Arminianism, Pelagianism and what have you, and turn him to praise the Living God, to adore Him only as his Savior. We can preach until the mountains turn upside down, but we cannot change man’s heart and way. Only God can do so, and this He does do, only with His Word and not with our sentimentalism. God’s promise is always the yea and amen in Jesus Christ.

Again: Read that article once more, and be convinced that to adopt the Declaration of Principles is an absolute must for our churches. Then, and then only can we hope to win the Liberated brethren to the Truth.

H. A. Van Putten

Holland, Michigan