No doubt many, if not all, of our Protestant Reformed people have, by this time, received a copy of the “new” Reformed Guardian, distributed by the schismatic leaders and their adherents. 

Already, comments and opinions have been voiced regarding the appearance of this “new” periodical. Yes, even favorable opinions. ‘Hence, I feel the necessity of calling the attention of our people to several facts. Remember, there is nothing “new” about the Reformed Guardian. Oh, it’s true, it makes its appearance in a new format—a new shape and size. However, remember, there is nothing “new” as far as contents is concerned. We do not buy a magazine because of its cover; we buy it because of its contents. Therefore, we must not be deceived as to the contents of the “new” Reformed Guardian simply because it has an attractive cover. It is the same old flower and it emits the same old odor. 

Regardless of the attempts, on the part of its staff, they cannot conceal its true and underlying purpose. All of their efforts will prove futile as they endeavor to propagate (consciously or unconsciously—intentionally or unintentionally—wittingly or unwittingly) their heretical doctrines and position. Subtle as heresy is, itnever fails to reveal itself and show its true colors. And very often, its own leaders can be thanked for this service. 

This has already happened in Volume 1, Number 1 of the Reformed Guardian, April 25, 1955; and thanks to the Rev. P. DeBoer for setting forth (though in a very subtle manner) the true purpose of the Reformed Guardian and also, of course, the true purpose of the schismatics, which is reflected in this periodical. 

Without entering upon a lengthy criticism of the contents of this first issue, let me just call attention to this one excerpt from the editorial entitled “Mode of Writing.” 

“We shall, furthermore, strive to be up-to-date, writing on those subjects that are the need of the hour. Particularly we wish to seek to articulate the Reformed faith and heritage for our present generation, especially for those in the midst of the American world. There is need of this. So often we so little understand the thought patterns of those with whom we rub elbows in the American world that we find it next to impossible to make our faith articulate for them.”Now, according to the New Century Dictionary, the word “articulate” means: “to utter in distinct syllables or speech”—”distinct op clear.” Now, there is no question as to who Rev. De Boer means when he speaks of “our present generation.” He certainly doesn’t mean the spiritual covenant seed, as it finds itself throughout the American world. He, himself, tells us to whom he refers namely, “those with whom we rub elbows in the American world.” These, too, are the people to whom we have done a great injustice. Why? Because “so often we so little understand” their “thought-patterns.” We don’t understand themtherefore, according to the Rev. De Boer, we’ve been unsuccessful in articulating the “Reformed faith and heritage for our present generation.” But is this the truth? Can the Rev. De Boer truly say he doesn’t, understand, for instance, the “thought-patterns” of theChristian Reformed Church? Does he not understand the “thought-patterns” of the Arminian? Does he not understand the “thought-patterns” of the Modernist? These are the people with whom he rubs elbows. Therefore, is it the truth that Rev. De Boer speaks when he says: “So often we so little understand the thought-patterns of those with whom we rub elbows?” 

The only possible way the Rev. De Boer and the schismatics can make their “Reformed faith and heritage” articulate “for our present generation, especially for those in the midst of the American world,” is to speak the same theological language of this “present generation.” Then it will be articulate, according to the meaning of the word as the Rev. De Boer understands it. 

Was he not articulate when he was a minister in the Protestant Reformed Churches? Was he not clear and distinct? Did he not set forth the doctrine of the Protestant Reformed Churches, as they understood the clear teaching of the Word of God? What kind of heretical camouflage is this? Why doesn’t the Rev. De Boer come forth and declare the truth of his purpose? How undeniably clear it is that, already the schismatics are “courting” anyone and everyone who will lend a listening ear. And because this is their purpose you, Protestant Reformed reader, must beware so that you read cautiously—with a fine-toothed comb—sifting every word, phrase and sentence—reading it forward, backwards and upside down, lest you., too, be ensnared by such heretical tactics. 

E. Emanuel