Report of Eastern Ladies’ League

Our fall meeting of the Ladies’ League of the Protestant Reformed Churches was held in our Hudsonville church on the evening of October 18, 1962.

We began our meeting with singing from Psalter No. 374 and a Dutch Psalm, No. 43 verse 3. Mrs. D. Jonker, President of the League, then read from Eccesiastes 2:1-11 and Rev. 13:11-18 and opened with prayer to our covenant God.

A double trio from the Priscilla Society of First Church sang for us No. 60 from the Psalter.

Mrs. Jonker then introduced the speaker for the evening, Rev. J. Heys. He spoke on the subject “The Number of Man.” He divided his speech into three parts:

1. The idea of that number

2. The tragedy of that number

3. Victory over that number 666

He explained that the number 6 is a symbolic number. It is the natural man apart from God. The number 6 of man can never reach the number 7, which is a covenant number, apart from God’s grace. By God’s grace it becomes the number 6 plus the number 1—man entering into the rest of God.

The tragedy is that man is a hopeless failure. He is an image-bearer without the image. God poured into man all His virtues, but after the fall, man uses his whole being for deviltry. He is now dedicated to himself. He takes all creation and presses it into sin.

There are many beautiful things in this world—music, art, literature, and so forth—but they only add up to number 666 and shall all go up into smoke. God will destroy it all.

Man pictures one who must jump over a wide chasm, but can only reach 6 feet, even 666 feet and then—destruction.

But there is victory for God’s people. Not by man in himself, but in being carried safely across by God in Jesus Christ and His glorious cross. Faith is the victory whereby we are engrafted into Christ. Rev. 14:13: “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth . . . and their works do follow them.” These are good works done by God’s grace and not by the vanity of men.

While singing Psalter No. 260, a collection was taken for The Society of Secondary Education and the scholarship fund.

The double trio again favored us with a number, “Hiding in Thee.” Mrs. P. Zandstra from our Hope Ladies’ Society gave an essay entitled “The Reformer, John Huss.”

A short business meeting followed. The minutes of the previous League Meeting were read and the treasurer’s report was given. The retiring board members were thanked for their faithful services. ”

The meeting was closed with Psalter No; 257 and prayer by our new president, Mrs. J. Kuiper.

Refreshments were served and a social hour was enjoyed by all.

—Mrs. P. Koole, Reporter