Dear Mr. Editor: 

Ordinarily an item of news emanating from the Radio Committee of our Reformed Witness Hour would appear in Mr. J.M. Faber’s column of the Standard Bearer. But since Mr. Faber might find this “news item” rather lengthy for his very well edited column, we respectfully request a small space in “Contributions.” Briefly stated, the gist of our message is tape recordings.

Much worthwhile effort and time, on the part of our ministers and many of our Protestant Reformed people, have been and at the present time are being devoted to the work of publishing and preserving thewritten word(s) of our ministers. Examples of this are the bound volumes of the Standard Bearer, the books written by the Rev. H. Hoeksema, and the newly formed organization which is busily engaged in preparing for publication the Rev. Hoeksema’s dogmatics. Besides, printed copies of the radio messages of the Reformed Witness Hour are available. 

The Radio Committee hopes, D.V., to add more to these endeavors, namely, the preservation of thespoken word. By means of tape recordings it is now possible to obtain many sermons of our ministers. Complete Heidelberg Catechism sermons (Lord’s Days 1 through 52) and a sermon by the late Prof. G.M. Ophoff are included in the list of sermons presently available. It is not entirely inconceivable that our congregations which require reading services can be benefited by means of these recorded sermons. 

It is also possible to obtain selections by the Radio Choir and other musical groups heard on our radio broadcasts. 

Further pertinent facts and details regarding this project can be obtained by writing to: THE REFORMED WITNESS HOUR, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. 

—The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour 

per H. Vander Wal 

Editorial Note: 

We welcome the above contribution not as a piece of advertising, but because it contains information of interest to many of our people, especially those having access to tape recorders. Mr. Vander Wal informs me in a personal note with this contribution: “We have done considerable preliminary exploration before going into this field of endeavor. The results have been most encouraging. We hope, the Lord willing, to establish a sort of Tape of the Month Club by which many of our Prot. Ref. people can avail themselves of these tapes at a very modest cost.” If you are interested, don’t fail to write in to the R-W-H. Undoubtedly you can obtain a complete catalogue of available-sermons.