Conference at Hudsonville PRC

Hudsonville PRC recently hosted a conference with the theme, “The Answer in an Age of Uncertainty,” on Friday, January 27. Rev. Garrett Eriks spoke on “Knowing the Truth in an Age of Uncertainty,” and Rev. Andrew Lanning spoke on “Finding True Freedom in an Age of Uncertainty.”

The conference was encouraging on many levels. Hudsonville’s large auditorium could not fit even one more person in its packed pews. Those responsible for hosting the event estimated that around seven hundred people filled the auditorium, overflowing into the narthex. The advertising targeted young adults, and come they did! Many college students and young couples, both dating and married, came to the conference. Those who attended the event also had the opportunity to browse various book tables during the intermission and after the speeches, and to socialize over a cookie and coffee.

Hudsonville and Faith PRC’s evangelism committees spent much money on advertising for the speeches, and for good reason. The topic was an important one. The postmodern mood in our society undermines Truth found in God’s Word. The uncertainty that characterizes postmodernism is the deathblow to Truth, and it especially manifests itself in colleges and church movements today. Rev. Eriks and Rev. Lanning brought this philosophy before the standard of Scripture, and found it to be a dangerous and deceitful enemy of Truth. Our evangelism committees felt the burden to sound this sharp warning to our churches and to the community. If you live in the West Michigan area, you may have PRC seen a few billboards along the freeway advertising the conference. Area businesses were stocked with fliers and business cards, a YouTube video was produced, bulletin announcements were written up, and Facebook was used, among much more advertising.

The evangelism committee members have expressed their great joy and thankfulness for the wonderful night. God, the God of all Truth, was glorified Friday night. Let us rejoice together at the large attendance of the younger generation, and the interest shown in such a vital topic! Then let us reflect for a bit—all of it of grace. Let those words never become empty or turn into a catchphrase. All of grace! God is faithful to His people; He has given them the Truth, and He sounded that Truth Friday night. Many heard, and many were confirmed in that Truth.

If you could not make it to the church Friday night, or missed the live-streaming of the speeches, you can still access them. Hudsonville PRC has a Facebook page ( with links to Sermonaudio to hear the speeches, and links to the YouTube videos of the speeches (not to be confused with the YouTube video made before the speech). The audio of the speeches can also be accessed on Hudsonville’s website ( We ask you to share these links at work, school, or wherever else you have opportunity.

May God continue to give us all continued boldness, courage, and humility to witness to and speak about His beautiful, unchangeable Truth in our homes, churches, schools, and community, for the glory of His name.