Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah by Joseph Addison Alexander; published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Price $8.95.

This is a commentary after my own heart. Zondervan is to be congratulated for reprinting and offering to the public books of this nature dating from the preceding century. They certainly are to be preferred to much that is published today.

As to this commentary on Isaiah I just wanted to make a few remarks to recommend it to our readers. In the first place, it is thoroughly scholarly and throughout based on the Hebrew text, which nevertheless does not mean that I cannot recommend it to the general public, for the language is very clear. In the second place, it is, on the whole, both doctrinally and exegetically sound. Exegetically it is characterized by honest dealing with the text. In the third place, the author consistently maintains the unity of the whole of the book of Isaiah as well as the unity of the second part, chapters 40-66. This over against much less reference to the return from Babylon in the second part of these prophecies than is commonly alleged. In this I am inclined to agree with him.

A very beautiful and thorough commentary. Heartily recommended.