Classis West met in regular session on March 6, 2013. The congregation in Lynden, WA hosted this meeting, as well as the officebearers’ conference the previous day—a commemoration of the 450th an­niversary of the Heidelberg Catechism.

God reminds us that we must make all our plans subject to His will. One minister busied himself on Tuesday preparing a funeral speech; another minister and an elder had to return home early because of the death of the elder’s father; and another elder never ar­rived, his flight being cancelled due to winter weather.

Rev. Spronk presided over the meeting. Classis ap­proved the labors of its stated clerk, classical committee, church visitors, and reading sermon library committee. Classis also appointed Rev. Brummel as Doon’s moderator, adopted a classical appointment schedule for Doon and Randolph, and approved subsidy requests for Bethel, Covenant of Grace, First Edmonton, Heri­tage, Immanuel, and Lynden.

Elections are always on the agenda of the spring meeting. Classis appointed Rev. Key to a three-year term on the classical committee, and Rev. Griess to fin­ish the remainder of Rev. Overway’s term. Church visi­tors for the next year are Revs. Key, Kleyn, Kuiper, and Marcus, with Revs. Brummel and Laning as alternates. Rev. Lee was appointed to a three-year primus term as synodical deputy, Rev. Kleyn to a three-year secundus term, and Rev. Laning to a one-year secundus term.

Classis appointed Revs. Brummel, Key, Kuiper, Laning, and Spronk as delegates to Synod 2013; their alternates are Revs. Griess, Kleyn, Langerak, Lee, and Marcus. Elder delegates are Garry Eriks (Peace), John Heystek (Lynden), Brian Kroese (Hull), Alan Meurer (Bethel), Dewey Van Der Noord (Crete). Their alternates are Ted Andringa (Crete), David Griess (Loveland), James Lenting (Crete), Victor Solanyk (Loveland), Gysbert VanBaren (Crete).

The expenses of this meeting totaled $11,865.52.

The fall meeting of the Classis will be held in Love­land PRC. This meeting will be held on September 4, unless the classical committee reschedules the meeting. Sometimes Classis meets twice in the fall—once for its regular meeting, and then for a special meeting (to ex­amine a candidate, for instance). Because two fall meet­ings are time-consuming and costly, Classis mandated its classical committee to reschedule the September meeting, if necessary, to avoid a second meeting.

May God bless the decisions that were made for the good of the churches.

Rev. Doug Kuiper, Stated Clerk