This special meeting of Classis East was required for two purposes. The first order of business was the examination of Pastor-elect David Noorman. In the afternoon Classis met to treat the appeal of a member against the member’s pastor and consistory.

After preaching his specimen sermon and upon receiving the approval of his preaching from Classis East and the synodical deputies from Classis West, Pastor-elect David Noorman was examined extensively on the six loci of Reformed Dogmatics, and his knowledge of the Scriptures, confessions, controversy, and practica. Pastor-elect Noorman gave an excellent demonstration of his knowledge and training in all these areas. Classis voted unanimously (and the synodical deputies concurred) to approve of his examination, recommending that Southwest PRC proceed to his ordination and installation. With much thanksgiving to God, we rejoice in His provision of this minister of the gospel to the PRCA. SW PRC sent a letter of thanks to Classis for pulpit supply during the time they were vacant.

Classis then, treated a lengthy appeal of a member against the member’s pastor and consistory. That appeal was rejected. Also, the pastor and consistory were given instruction from Classis.

Special thanks should be given to Hudsonville PRC for their hosting both the January and the special meeting of February of Classis East. They went above and beyond to care for the delegates.

The expenses of the meetings were $3,823.65.

Classis will next meet on May 9, 2018, Lord willing at Faith PRC in Jenison, Michigan.

Gary Boverhof Stated Clerk, Classis East