January 9, 2013

First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at the First PRC, Grand Rapids. Each church was represented by two delegates. The session was chaired by Rev. Jonathan Mahtani, a first for him.

Classis dealt with two discipline cases. In both cases classis advised the consistory to proceed to the second step of discipline for their members. This according to Article 77 of the Church Order.

Much of the January meeting time is spent in voting. Elected to serve as delegates to synod are the following: Ministers: Primi: G. Eriks, K. Koole, W. Langerak, J. Slopsema, R. VanOverloop; Secundi: N. Decker, M. DeVries, C. Haak, A. Spriensma, M. VanderWal. Elders: Primi: G. Kaptein, N. Kleyn, G. Kuiper, B. Pipe, J. VanBaren; Secundi: G. Boverhof, R. Faber, J. Lanting, J. VanUffelen, B. Wigger. Rev. K. Koole and Rev. C. Haak were elected to serve as church visitors, with Rev. R. VanOverloop and Rev. M. DeVries as al­ternates. Rev. C. Haak was elected to serve a three-year term as primus delegate ad examina; Rev. G. Eriks was elected to serve a three-year term as secundus del­egate ad examina. Rev. K. Koole was elected to serve a three-year term on the Classical Committee.

Subsidy requests for 2014 were submitted by the Kalamazoo PRC ($34,000) and by the Wingham PRC ($41,000 Canadian). These requests were approved and will be forwarded to Synod 2013 for approval.

The church visitors reported that they found peace and unity among the churches, for which they gave thanks.

The expenses of classis amounted to $24.00. Classis will meet next at the Faith PRC on May 8, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken,

Stated Clerk