In July of 1942, Rev. C. Hanko came to the Randolph area and began to give speeches. Later, Rev. H. Hoeksema came with him and the Reformed truth was expounded. The church was organized in August of 1943 with eight families and several individuals.

Worship services were held in the Congregational church in the afternoons and evenings. Special meetings and catechism classes were held in various homes. Later, a “ basement church” was purchased from the CRC and was used until 1974, when a new building was built beside the basement church. That building was outgrown and a new sanctuary was attached in 2008-2009. The old sanctuary is now used as our narthex with the pews of the old sanctuary used for much of the trim work in the present sanctuary.

In the Fall of 1994, we were able to start our own PR school located in the Dutch-American Foods building.

Our own school building was constructed in 2006, with an addition put on in 2017. We currently have grades K-11.

Our worship services are at 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We have 61 families, 140 communicant members, and our total membership is at 246.

We have Men’s, Ladies, and Adult Bible societies. We also have an evangelism committee and broadcast the Reformed Witness Hour on two local radio stations.

Our ministers over the years have been Revs. G. Lub­bers, H. Kuiper, E. Emmanuel, G. VanBaren, D. H. Kuiper, W. Bekkering, K. Koole, J. Slopsema, A. denHartog, S. Key, D. J. Kuiper, and presently, Erik Guichelaar.

The Lord has been faithful to us and we rejoice in His work in our congregation. “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”