The following was supplied by Mr. Ben Wigger. We thank him for the interesting information!

The Hudsonville, MI PRC was organized on July 26, 1926 at a meeting in Cornelius Spoelman’s barn. A classical committee consisting of Revs. H. Danhof, H. Hoeksema and G. Ophoff led the organizational meeting. At that meeting a group of 22 families and several individuals presented their membership papers and were organized into one of the first PR congregations besides the three already in existence through the deposition of their pastors in 1924. Hull, Iowa had been first to organize; Hudsonville followed about a year later.

Hudsonville continued to meet in Spoelman’s barn, sitting on rough boards placed between onion crates un­til colder temperatures forced them to move to a warm­er location across the street. Soon the congregation bought that old barn, sold it, helped move it, and built a church on that property. This building served them well until 1975 when, at 110 families, the church was just too small. That year Hudsonville began meeting in the nearby Hudsonville High School while their pres­ent sanctuary and parsonage were under construction. Then in 2011 Hudsonville experienced growing pains again and an addition of several classrooms, a library, rest rooms, a nursery, and an enlarged “all purpose” room were added.

Today Hudsonville continues to grow with a mem­bership of 164 families and some 640 members leading, once again, to serious talk of a fourth daughter congregation (after Byron Center in 1983; Georgetown in 1993; and Trinity in 2001).

Throughout her history she has been blessed with nine faithful pastors, starting with Rev. G. Vos in 1929, followed by Rev. J. DeJong in 1932. He served until 1941. Rev. B. Kok served from 1943 until 1947. In 1948 Rev. G. Vos returned and served until his retire­ment in 1965. Rev. H. Veldman came and served as pastor until 1971, when Rev. C. Hanko arrived. He re­tired in 1977. Rev. G. VanBaren heeded Hudsonville’s call that same year and served until 1994, when Rev. B. Gritters began his ministry among us. He stayed until accepting a call from our denomination’s seminary in 2003. Hudsonville’s current pastor, Rev. G. Eriks, fol­lowed in 2005.

In 1990 the Synod of our churches appointed Hudsonville the calling church for what was then the de­nomination’s mission work in the Ballymena area of Northern Ireland. In late 1992 Rev. R. Hanko accept­ed Hudsonville’s call, and he and his family arrived in Northern Ireland in the spring of 1993. That mission work continued until Covenant PRC of Northern Ire­land was organized on August 2, 2006. A sister-church relationship was established between the CPRC, NI and the PRCA about a year later in June of 2007.

Certainly the Lord has blessed Hudsonville through the years, not only with numerical growth but with spir­itual growth as well. Through faith, and by His Word, Hudsonville confesses the words of I Samuel 7:12, “Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”