Changes for the New Volume

As is customary at the beginning of a new volume-year, we inform our readers of plans for the contents of the new volume and of changes in the staff. 

There is nothing earth-shaking to report. For the most part, our Standard Bearer and its staff of part-time, strictly volunteer writers simply “plug along” each year; and we are thankful that we are able to find a sufficient number of faithful writers among our very limited number of workers, and are able to publish our magazine in full format twenty-one times per year, Frankly, I think that is no small accomplishment; and, as we begin a new volume, I wish to encourage my fellow staff members to labor faithfully and steadily, so that together, with the help of God, we may continue to send forth this testimony to the truth.

The changes are the following. Rev. G. Van Baren will shift from Signs of the Times to All Around Us.Signs of the Times will be shared by Rev. H. Veldman and a new staff member, Rev. Mark H. koeksema. Rev. J. Heys will be back in our pages on a full time basis with his contributions to The Day of Shadows. Rev. D. Kuiper resigned from the staff, and In His Fear will be in sole charge of Rev. M. Joostens. We also decided to introduce a new department; and since it will be introduced in this issue, I will say no more about it here. Again this year we hope to present guest articles by several of our ministers who are not members of the staff. 

So much for the staff’s part. 

We hope that you, our readers, will also do your part. Our magazine is unsuccessful unless it is read! 

And, of course, we always foster the hope of increasing our readership. Perhaps some joint efforts by staff, board, and readership could be put forth to this end. How about it?