Changes For the New Volume

Annually during the month of June the Staff of our magazine meets at the time when the Synod of our Protestant Reformed Churches is meeting. It would be more accurate to say: as much of the Staff as lives in the vicinity of Synod’s meeting or is present for Synod. Sometimes this means a fairly large representation, sometimes a rather small one. We have this arrangement, of course, in order to save money. No funds are ever spent for Staff travel expense; and, in fact, no funds are ever spent for any Staff expenses. The rewards of our writers are not financial; they write “for the cause.” 

At the annual staff meeting we try to lay some plans for the new volume-year, which begins with the issue of October 1. These plans are, of course, limited by the availability and willingness of writers for our magazine. In many a past year this has meant that we were severely limited, and that therefore the amount of variety in our Standard Bearer was also limited, and that the rather arduous task of supplying some 55 pages of typewritten copy to fill our 24-page magazine had to be accomplished by relatively few men. We simply did not have the manpower for a greater division of labors and a greater variety of material. But this year, we are happy to report, our Staff has reached an all-time high—at least for the last twenty-five years—in the number of department editors. This is all for the good, we believe. For one thing, it means that our Standard Bearer can make a gradual transition in the inevitable replacement of its older writers; and when the old soldiers finally have to retire, the younger men will already be on duty and have experience as staff members. For another, it enables us to have more variety; and variety, they say, is the spice of life. It is particularly gratifying, we feel, to see several of our younger ministers assume the responsibility of writing. As editor, I wish to express publicly my appreciation for their willingness to join our Staff. 

What changes will there be in this new volume-year? 

First of all, Rev. J. Kortering is leaving the departmentThe Strength of Youth. He is not leaving the staff, however, but will be writing for a new department,Triumph Through Trials, about which he will tell you himself. Secondly, taking over The Strength of Youthwill be Rev. Rodney Miersma and Rev. Ronald Van Overloop. In the third place, joining Rev. Mark Hoeksema in Signs of the Times will be Rev. James Slopsema. For the rest, all staff assignments will remain the same; besides, as in previous years, we also will have several guest articles from various of our ministers. 

May the Lord bless our Standard Bearer and prosper its witness in this our fifty-fourth year!