By Anonymous

Publication News. Scheduled for autumn publication by our Reformed Free Publishing Association are two paperbacks which will sell at $3.95 each. The first will be Prof. Herman Hanko’s We And Our Children (The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism). This valuable little book, as the sub-title indicates, sets forth the Reformed doctrine of infant baptism; but it does so over against the Baptist position. The book is an adaptation of a series of articles in the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal which were written by Prof. Hanko in response to the Reformed Baptist David Kingdon’s Children of Abraham. The second will be an edited reprint of Herman Hoeksema’s In The Sanctuary (Expository Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer), a book which has long been out of print but which found wide acceptance when it was originally published some forty years ago. Before these books appear, you should (if you have not already done so) join the RFPA Book Club, so that you can take advantage of the 20% discount offered on all RFPA publications.

Seminary Publications. The Prot. Ref. Seminary Bookstore is offering my new syllabus in Old Testament History, The Era of the Judges, at a price of $6.75. This material will be helpful for any societies in our churches which are studying the book of Judges. If you want a copy, write to: Prot. Ref. Seminary Bookstore, 4949 Ivanrest Ave., Grandville, Michigan 49418. The seminary has several other syllabi which will furnish valuable aid for both Bible studies and after-recess studies in our various Men’s, Ladies’, and Mr. & Mrs. Societies. Write for our publications and catalogue.