Building Project—Covenant Prot. Ref. Church, Wyckoff, NJ


Classis gave to us the permission to ask for collections for our Building Fund in your churches. In light of this forthcoming request we decided it proper and of interest to you that we inform you of our situation and need. 

Our earnest desire for some time already has been to build a house of worship of our own. We have this desire as we give thanks unto our God for planting a Protestant Reformed church in our midst and giving us and our children in rich abundance the spiritual blessings of His covenant of grace through a distinctively Reformed preaching of the Word. Because we are such a small congregation we well realize the large undertaking this involves. We are convinced, however, that this matter is of great importance as we look to the Lord our God to continue and preserve His church with us and our children and with all those whom the Lord will gather into His church through the preaching of the glorious gospel of sovereign grace. 

It is our desire to praise the name of our God in a house of worship that is suitable for this purpose. We surely know that worshiping and glorifying God is not dependent on a building made with hands. However, we must enhance the worship of our God, as far as He gives the means, with a suitable house of worship.

Since the time of our beginning we have held our worship services in an American Legion Hall. Our two weekly Bible study classes and our catechism classes are presently held in various homes. Many of our churches had such humble beginnings as far as place of worship is concerned, and we surely may not murmur about this. The places of worship were humble, but the wonderful heritage of the Reformed faith which God has delivered unto us is rich and glorious beyond compare. The Legion Hall, although having served our needs temporarily, is at the same time not very conducive to worship and obviously cannot be our permanent place of worship. Some of you who have visited us on occasion can testify to this. Without going into detail, it is a rather dingy and depressing place. In addition to this, because of the congested area in which it is located, there are problems with parking. As our congregation is getting more young children we are also in need of a place for nursery during the worship services. Presently this is also being held in a home. Although we surely recognize that it is not a church building that gathers the Church of Jesus Christ, it is nevertheless true that our present place of worship does not help in attracting visitors to our worship services. 

With a view to realizing our desires and plans, in April of last year we bought a five acre tract of land with a house on it that is presently being used for our parsonage (pictured above). We purchased this property by selling debentures in our congregation. Enough debentures were sold to purchase the property and pay the legal and engineering fees. Our plans are to sell debentures in various series as we progress with each phase of our project. Possibly later we will also make these debentures available in the denomination. These debentures are supported exclusively by our building fund. We hold collections for this building fund on a regular basis in our own midst. All of this, especially in the light of our small size, has been a work of faith. We continue to trust our God that He will continue His church with us and our children and continue to use our church as a witness to the Reformed faith in this community. 

Above, you will also see an artist’s rendering of our proposed church building. All the plans for our church building are completed. We are waiting to proceed: with our plans for final city and county approval and until we can raise sufficient funds. 

Rev. A. den Hartog