Readers of the Standard Bearer may like to know that the family conference sponsored by the British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) will meet this summer in Wales as scheduled. There was some question about this because of the necessity recently to find another site for the conference.

The dates are July 22-29.

The location will be the Cefn Lea Conference Centre south of Newton in the central part of Wales. I have it on firsthand report that the new site of the conference has “more extensive facilities” than the one originally reserved for the conference. Those with access to the Internet can visit the web site of Cefn Lea at
The theme of this year’s conference will be the “Messianic Kingdom of God.” Over the course of the week-long conference, Prof. H. Hanko and the editor of the SB will give six speeches on this topic. Prof. Euros Jones will speak on “Griffith Jones and the Welsh Christian Schools.”

The family conferences of the BRF are held every two years in the different countries of the United Kingdom in turn.

The conferences are of a relaxed nature. There is plenty of time for recreation with family and friends. Organized tours to scenic and historical sites in Wales will be part of the program.

The British Reformed Fellowship is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the Reformed faith in the British Isles. Included on the board of the BRF are men from the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland.

Especially those in the British Isles who are interested in the historic Reformed faith and life and who desire the instruction in the Word and the fellowship with likeminded saints that the conference will afford are warmly invited to join us in Wales this summer. But the increasing number of participants from North America, including a goodly number of young people, are welcome, as those who attended two years ago well know. They have become evangelists of the conference. To their friends in North America, the Fellowship extends a hearty invitation to enjoy the 2000 Conference.

Information about the conference can be obtained from, and booking (registration) can be made with:

Mr. Paul Hayden

Yr Hen Ysgol



LL33 0LR

North Wales

In North America, the contact person is:

Mr. Bill Oomkes

6299 Wing Ave. S.E.

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512