SOLVING MARRIAGE PROBLEMS, by Jay E. Adams; Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1983; 122 pp., (paper) $4.50. (Reviewed by Prof. R.D. Decker)

Still another book from the pen of Jay Adams, Director of Advanced Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in California! This book is intended for pastors and other Christian counselors, but may be profitably read by any Christian. One does not always agree with Adams’ views, especially his view of divorce and the remarriage of divorced persons. Nonetheless, Adams’ approach is Biblical and he insists that marriage problems are caused by sin and can be cured only by grace through the means of God’s Word. Some of the subjects with which Adams deals are: The Counselor’s Own Marriage, What Causes Marriage Problems, Unbiblical Concepts in Marriage, Particular Sinful Living Patterns, How To Discover Marriage Problems. Recommended for pastors and elders especially.