Book Reviews

WHAT IS THIS “FREE OFFER” OF SALVATION?, by James Payne; 12 pp. This brief pamphlet is a reprint of an article which originally appeared in the Magazine Watching & Waiting, and which was sent to the Standard Bearer for review. In it the author takes sharp issue with the doctrine of the free offer of the gospel, and treats it in connection with other doctrines such as “Gospel Invitations,” “Redemption and Justification,” “Union With Christ,” “The Gospel versus Mass Evangelism,” “The Kosmos.” He concludes the pamphlet with the words: “We conclude therefore that the socalled free offer of Jesus Christ to men as such does not, in fact, exist at all except as a figment in the minds of certain men.” 

The price of the pamphlet is not given, although other pamphlets are listed from 5p to 2p. It can be obtained from the author at 28 Cissbury Road, Hove, Sussex, BN3 6EN, England. It seems from the titles of the other pamphlets listed that the author might be a premillennialist.