MISSION TRENDS NO. 3, Gerald H. Anderson, Thomas F. Stransky, Editors. Wm. B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, no price given. Reviewed by Prof. Robert D. Decker 

It is the contention of the editors of this volume that: “A radical theological realignment is taking place in the church today. The old centers of theological influence in Europe and North America are becoming the new peripheries. The new centers of vitality and importance in theological construction are in Asia, Africa and Latin America—where the majority of Christians will be living in the year 2000.” They also contend that this fact is not widely recognized or understood in the old centers. The theologians of the so-called “Third World” are neither well known nor widely read in the old centers. 

This book is intended to remedy the situation. It is a collection of essays and articles written by theologians of countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These are on a wide variety of subjects. If one wishes to know what is being said and written theologically in the “Third World” he will want to read this book. If, however, one wishes to find something of value in the development of Reformed thought he will be disappointed in this book. 

MARRIAGE: The Mystery of Christ and the Church, by Rev. David Engelsma, is one of the more recent R.F.P.A. publications. In it the author explains the idea and principles of marriage, and he considers the various aspects of married life: the respective callings of husband and wife, sex, birth control, divorce, mixed marriages, and remarriage. It contains, therefore, abundant practical instruction for Christian husbands and wives. And it’s thoroughly Scriptural throughout. 

The book is inexpensive—only $3.50. And, for a limited time only, the R.F.P.A. will give, free of charge with every purchase of Rev. Engelsma’s book, a copy of In the Beginning God . . ., by Prof. Homer Hoeksema. The latter is a paperback containing an exposition and defense of the truth of creation as set forth by Scripture. 

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