Book Reviews

GOD’S WAY OF RECONCILIATION, by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Baker Book House, 1972; 380 pp., $7.95. 

This book, by the former pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, contains a series of thirty-three sermons which the author preached on Ephesians 2. We highly recommend this book to our reading public and urge those who desire good literature to purchase it as soon as possible. It is a valuable addition to any library and, well worth the price which really is, considering the cost of books nowadays, very reasonable. 

The author considers this chapter in Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians to be a key chapter in the Scriptural teaching concerning the doctrines of sovereign grace. While the author is usually considered to be a “mild” Calvinist (and this sometimes comes through in the book), nevertheless, the doctrines of sovereign grace stand out in sharp contrast.

The book has many advantages. It is a careful exegetical study in a very detailed fashion of the entire chapter. No less than five sermons are devoted to the first three vss. of the chapter. It can serve therefore, as a valuable commentary on this part of the epistle. But, because the book contains the sermons preached by the author, the book has far more in it than the rather cold exegesis which characterizes a formal commentary. It is filled with the warmth of lively preaching. It therefore expresses the truths of this chapter in a personal and experiential way. It is both a fine development of the doctrines of sovereign grace and a warm devotional book which easily carries the reader along chapter after chapter. The author has a knack for making the truth very lucid by means of clear and concise language and with the use of many illustrations. Anyone who buys and reads this book will possess a treasure of theologically sound and spiritually edifying truth.