WALKER’S COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE CONCORDANCE BOOK REVIEW J.B.R. Walker; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan 968 pp., $12.95 (Reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema) 

One of the tools which every Bible student needs is a good concordance. This is even more necessary than a commentary: for it is a tool necessary for independent study of Scripture, in which the comparing of Scripture with Scripture is a fundamental principle. Moreover, for most of our readers, I take it, a concordance which follows the King James Version is a necessity. 

This recently reprinted concordance by J.B.R. Walker will be a good addition to your library. The promotional “blurb” on the dust jacket makes several claims to excellence, such as: being a text-finder, rigid alphabetical order, passages and references being in strict Biblical order, including 50,000 more passages than Cruden’s, etc. This is not, of course, the type of book one sits down and reads through. Nor have I checked the number of references in comparison with other concordances. However, I have done some spot checking; and I find this to be indeed a very thorough and accurate concordance. 

The book is neatly and attractively executed. The price is attractive, too: $12.95 for a book of almost 1000 pages is a good bargain.