Book Reviews

JEHOVAH SHEPHERDING HIS SHEEP, Sermons on the Twenty-third Psalm by J. R. Beeke; Netherlands Reformed Book and Publishing Committee, 1982; 451 pp. (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko)

This book contains a series of some 21 sermons which the author preached from Psalm 23 in his congregation, along with the ordination sermon which was preached at the time of the author’s ordination into the ministry, his inaugural sermon, the speech given at the dedication of the Netherlands Christian Reformed Church in Rock Valley, the sermon delivered at the dedication of the organ, and the farewell sermon of the pastor when he left his charge in Sioux Center. 

The sermons are given in this book for a double purpose: they are intended to be used by the public for devotional reading and they are intended to be used for reading services in the church. To accomplish this double purpose, certain sections in each chapter are marked with brackets. 

If anyone would like to know what preaching is like in the Netherlands Reformed congregations, then this book will be an excellent sample, for it is, I think, a fair representation of the approach to preaching which is taken in that denomination. And by this particular approach to preaching, the minister gives clear evidence of his covenant views and of how the congregation is viewed by the minister in the preaching.