Book Reviews

ON YOUR WAY REJOICING, by Louis M. Tamminga; Paideia Press, 1979; $4.95 (paper), $6.95 (hard cover). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

Paideia Press has given a sampling in this book of what are, for the most part readings, similar to the old and familiar Daily Manna Readings which were once found in so many homes. Each page gives a daily reading founded on a particular passage in the Bible. Each brief, meditation is concluded with a brief prayer. The readings are not very exegetically based, do not emphasize sharply the Scriptural doctrines of sovereign grace, and are not the kind of meditative readings which have appeal to this reviewer. But those who once enjoyed the Daily Manna readings might also enjoy this book. It should be read, however, with care and should never be a substitute for personal Bible study.