Book Reviews

FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN, Expository Messages, by Robert S. Candlish; Kregel Publications, 1979; 577 pp., $12.95. (Review by Prof. H. Hanko)

Candlish lived from 1806-1873, was a Scats pastor, and became one of the most respected pastors in the Free Church of Scotland after the death of Thomas Chalmer. He served also as principal of New College in, Edinburgh.

This volume, part of the Kregel Bible Study Classics series, is the author’s work on I John. It is not a standard commentary in the sense that it is a clause by clause exposition of the epistle; it is rather a reprint of the lectures which Candlish: gave on the text. This makes this book a very nice; addition to one’s library, whether that library be; of a pastor who would use the book in sermon preparation, or whether that be our home library where the books are for spiritual enjoyment and enrichment. The chapters are constructed more on the order of sermons and have the homiletical warmth and personal application which many expository commentaries lack. On the whole, the commentary is sound and is a faithful exposition of the text, although the author believed in a universal atonement, as is evident from his exposition of I John 2:2.

Reading through the book gave me the urge to preach more extensively from I John and it will have, I think, this same effect on our ministers who read it. Purchase the book, but read it carefully and thoughtfully.

STAND BY, BOYS! by K. Norel, translated by Marian Schoolland; Baker Book House; 1980; 80 pages, $1.65; paper. (Reviewed by Gertrude Hoeksema)

This reprint of the book published by Eerdmans Publishing Co. in 1955 is a true story of the day in 1953 when the North Sea broke through the dikes and flooded much of the Netherlands. The book is an excellent translation and it is filled with drama and suspense. But it is more than just an interesting story. The portrayal of the spiritual stamina and the humble trust of God’s people in those days of disaster stands out as a theme through the whole book, and is an example of faith for us. Recommended for covenant children (ages 8 and up).