Book Reviews


edited by Donald W. Patten; Pacific Meridian Publishing, 1977; 154 pp., $3.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 
This book is the sixth in a series published by a number of scientists who, while holding to creationism in opposition to evolutionism, attempt to explain the catastrophes in Scripture (such as the flood, the plagues of Egypt, the destruction of the Egyptians in the Red Sea, etc.) as well as the prediluvian world in terms of natural phenomena. We have read a number of the books published by these men; and, while they contain some worthwhile material, we are struck with the fact that the books do not pay sufficient attention to the miraculous element in Scripture and become lost in all kinds of speculation. 

This book contains chapters on the following subjects: “Paleoclimatology and Infrared Radiation Traps: Earth’s Antediluvian Climate,” “Millennial Climatology” (a book in which a dispensational millennium is said to be brought about through vast geologic and climate changes), “Catastrophism and Puritan Thought: The Newton Era,” “Extraterrestrial Origin of the Ice Age,” “Louis Agassiz,” “The Place of Trace Elements in the Creation.” Some of the chapters are very technical and beyond the understanding of those who are not trained in the natural sciences. The chapters on Louis Agassiz and the place of trace elements in Creation are interesting and worthwhile. 

The book is particularly recommended to those who are interested in keeping up on the current creationism vs. evolutionism controversy and the thinking of some well-known creationists in this country. But it must be read with caution.