Commentary on Romans,

Frederic Louis Godet; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 531 pp., $12.95 (hard cover). (Reviewed by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema) 

This is another worthwhile volume in the Kregel Reprint Library. This volume is very attractively and neatly published, and, taking into consideration today’s inflation, the, price is not exorbitant for a book of this size. 

Godet’s commentaries are numbered by many among those that are considered “standard,” and rightly so. Generally speaking, they are orthodox and conservative, though by no means consistently Reformed. 

This is also true of this exposition of the Epistle to, the Romans. When one reviews a commentary, of course, he usually does not peruse the entire commentary. Personally, I check it here and there to get a general impression of it; and then I make it a point to check it at some crucial passages. In this case, as you might expect, I especially checked up on Godet’s commentary on Romans 9:10-13, a good passage for testing purposes with respect to the truth of sovereign predestination. Godet fails the test, as also the editor of the first American edition, Talbot W. Chambers, points out in his critical notes which are in this edition printed at the conclusion of the book. 

The fact that a commentary is not dependable and correct throughout, however, does not totally negate its value. In that case, one would have very few commentaries on his library shelf. As the editor of this new edition states, “Even if the reader does not agree, Godet will inspire him to dig out the truth which will lead to the bedrock of conviction.” Surely, there are many helpful comments in this volume, and many worthwhile insights. The size of the volume is in itself an indication that Godet was not superficial in his work. 

Often I am asked whether a commentary is suitable for the general public. I think this volume qualifies. You will find some Greek in it; but this should not bother, seeing that the English translation is consistently furnished with the Greek. Recommended.