Book Reviews

Commentary on First Corinthians,

Frederic Louis Godet; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 920 pp., $14.95 (hard cover). (Reviewed by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema) 

This is a reprint of a commentary formerly published in two volumes by T & T. Clark. That it is now published in one large volume is an advantage. 

Who was F.L. Godet? The back flap of the dust jacket in forms us: “Frederic Louis Godet (1812-1900) was one of the most influential Swiss Protestant Reformed scholars of his day. He was born at Neufchatel on October 25, 1812. He was educated at the University of Neufchatel and studied Theology at Bonn and Berlin (under Neander) and was ordained to the ministry in 1836. From 1850 to 1873, he was professor of Biblical Exegesis and Critical Theology in Neufchatel at the Theological School of the National Swiss Church of the canton. In 1873, he became one of the founders of the Free Evangelical Church of Neufchatel and professor of New Testament Exegesis in the Free Evangelical Theological School.” 

This is a rather thorough and worthwhile commentary on a book which presents the exegete with many knotty problems. Anyone who is making a study of I Corinthians could do worse than to turn to Godet for some assistance. 

Sorry to say, this volume does not always furnish an English translation when the Greek is used. This might present a problem for laymen interested in using this book. I advise that before you purchase it, you check up just how great an obstacle this would be to you. For the rest, I recommend this volume as a good addition to a minister’s or seminary student’s library.