The Doctrine of Scripture, by Homer C. Hoeksema. Grand Rapids: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1990. 93pp., $6.95 (paper). [Reviewed by Prof. R. Decker.]

The contents of this little volume were prepared by Prof. Hoeksema for an elective class in the Protestant Reformed Seminary. The class was intended to introduce the students to “Contemporary Views of Scripture.” The material found in this book was really an introduction, a positive statement of the doctrine of Holy Scripture. Prof. Hoeksema was taken to glory before he had opportunity to complete the work. 

Hoeksema answers this question: “What has been historically, and what is now, the Reformed and confessional view of Scripture?” It is Hoeksema’s contention that this question must first be answered, before any critical analysis of contemporary views of Scripture can be properly done. 

The reader will find in this book a treatment of the doctrine of Scripture as taught in the Reformed Creeds. He will also find detailed treatment of “Scripture’s Self-Testimony.” In two very important chapters (5 & 6) Hoeksema argues convincingly that there is no “human factor” or “element” in the production of Holy Scripture. The book concludes with a comprehensive statement on the concept “Organic Inspiration.” 

We are convinced that the key doctrine under attack in our day is the doctrine of Holy Scripture itself. For this reason the book is must reading for seminarians, officebearers, Christian school teachers, and all believers. It will provide the Reformed believer with the necessary, foundational understanding of this crucial truth. Thus the believer will be enabled to evaluate the false views of Scripture so prevalent in our day.