The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Volume 6, Frank E. Gaebelein, General Editor; Grand Rapids, Michigan, Zondervan Publishing Co., Cloth, $30.95, 1088 pp. [reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema]

This is a volume of an attractively published set from Zondervan’s Regency Reference Library. The set, when completed, will consist of twelve large volumes, covering all of Scripture. At present Volumes 2 and 3 (Genesis through II Samuel) and Volume 5 (Psalms through Son of Solomon) are not yet published.

Volume 6 is a commentary on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel by four different authors.

On the plus side with respect to this commentary is the fact that the authors are committed to the divine inspiration, complete trustworthiness, and full authority of the Bible. Also on the plus side is the fact that this commentary is not encumbered with meaningless and unreadable references to the original languages, but is intelligible for a general readership. Where there are references to the original, these are both transliterated and translated.

On the minus side is the fact that the commentary is rather brief and scant.

But for quick reference and for suggestions as to the meaning of the text as well as for the general direction in which the interpretation should head, there is value. In the nature of the case one cannot expect too much from a thousand pages on these four prophetic books.

The Bible version followed in the entire set is the New International Version; but there are references to other translations as well as to the original languages.