SING ABOUT IT, Volume One, S. Vander Ploeg; Steinco Industries, LTD; distributed by Inheritance Publications, P.O. Box. 145, Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada TOG 1RO; $7.95 Can./$6.95 U.S., paper. (Reviewed by Gertrude Hoeksema)

This is a ring-bound song book, with illustrations, of twenty-one Biblical songs for children. The book includes such titles as “Goliath was a Giant,” “Elijah’s Voice,” and “Our Daily Bread.” Because this is volume one, I presume this will be a series of Bible song books, although the book gives no information about the author and his goals. 

The idea of such a book as this is commendable. However, the lyrics, even for children, are superficial, and in some songs not Reformed. For example, in #2, stanzas 2 and 4, the words are: “No, Cain, no, remove all thoughts of hate. O, Cain, O, before it is too late,” and “Yes, Cain, Yes, you still belong to me. Know, Cain, know, you are my property.”

One more example: #9, titled “God Loves Us” has the following lyrics: “God loves us all: so says the Bible, The letter He has sent to you and me.” and “Do you trust Him? that is the question. Those who say, Yes! the Lord will richly bless.” 

Having been a primary teacher for many years, I know that children love simple songs and lively rhythms. Many of the songs in this book are in the style of chants, and lack the expressive rhythm patterns of young children. Some are written in the minor mode, with somber rhythms. 

I would like to see a bit more depth in the lyrics and more sparkle in the music in future volumes.