STUDIES IN PAUL’S EPISTLES, by Frederic L. Godet; Kregel Publications, 1984; 345 pp., $11.95. (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko)

Godet, well-known especially for his commentaries on Romans and I Corinthians, also wrote a book which serves as an excellent introduction to the epistles of Paul. Kregel has recently reprinted this book and we are grateful to Kregel for this, since the book has been available only in old and used editions.

Godet lived from 1812-1900 and did his work mostly in Switzerland, where he was an influential evangelical scholar and a firm defender of the orthodox faith. His commentaries have been used extensively since their writing and have proved helpful and worthwhile.

In this book, the author gives an historical introduction to each epistle of Paul and places it within the work of the apostle and within the circumstances under which each epistle was written. The author has included, not a detailed exposition of the text, but a general survey of the contents of the epistles. Although Godet does not enter in detail into the question of the authorship of Hebrews, he apparently assumes that it was Paul and includes a section on this book.

We highly recommend this book to our readers. It will be a great help in understanding Paul’s epistles and will be of assistance to ministers as a book on “Introduction” to this section of the New Testament.