IN THE SANCTUARY, Expository Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer, by Herman Hoeksema; Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1982; 116 pages, $3.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko).

Many of our readers will know that this book is a reprint of a book which first appeared in the Forties, but has long been out of print. It was published soon after Rev. Hoeksema delivered a series of radio sermons on this subject. The book is a published form of those radio messages. 

I wish that there was some way in which this book could be put in the home of every Christian family to be read and studied. I say this because the book speaks of prayer, and God’s people today are badly in need of instruction concerning prayer. Not only is this true because of the sorry corruptions of prayer which are so common in our day; nor is this true only because God’s people do not pray as much as they ought; but it is also true because prayer is a holy art, and God’s people themselves know how much they need to be instructed in it. This book is admirably suited to this purpose. 

The book has an introductory chapter on prayer and a chapter on the general principles of the Lord’s Prayer; these are followed by an exposition of the address, the six petitions, and the doxology with which the Lord’s prayer closes. It is an incisive exposition of each part in which the petition itself is explained and the spiritual disposition of the heart necessary to pray is set forth. Rev. Hoeksema, as all who knew him know, had the ability to make the profound clear, and the clear interesting and gripping. These things come through in this book. 

In expounding the Lord’s Prayer the author has the opportunity to discuss all the principles which underlie true prayer, to warn against evils in prayer, and to point out repeatedly the deepest truth that God is God. 

The book can be read as meditative readings, and this is indeed a thoroughly enjoyable way to read the book. But, more importantly, any child of God who takes seriously the petition, “Lord, teach us to pray. . .” must get this book. It will be an answer to his prayer.